The goal of our service is To provide an opportunity for millions of people on the planet to see the sights of our country.

We have created a "club of sofa travelers" for those who do not have the opportunity to travel or for those who like to travel "on the couch".

Every journey is:

- several dozen high-quality 360 panoramas

- audio guide

- photo gallery (old and modern)

- video gallery

- gyroscope

- VR

- map

- scheme

- musical accompaniment

- the sounds of the environment

- surprises

In some traveling, you can see what this place looks like not only in summer, but also in winter, and sometimes even at night. The sounds of the surroundings recorded during the shooting of 360 panoramas allow you to hear the unique atmosphere of the place and be transported for a moment to the past.

Take a tour and enjoy our work later

We wish you a pleasant viewing

Catherine Park

Catherine Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Saint Petersburg. It was planted in Tsarskoye Selo in the XVIII century. Catherine Park consists of a regular Old garden and a landscape English Park, which contains interesting objects-pavilions and terraces, ponds and monuments. The Palace and Park ensemble of Tsarskoye Selo is recognized as one of the best monuments of the world's landscape art of the XVIII-XX century.

Peter and Paul fortress

Peter and Paul fortress in Saint Petersburg is the oldest architectural monument in the city. The date of Foundation of the fortress is considered the date of Foundation of the Northern capital. The history of the city begins with it.

Vorontsov palace (Crimea)

Palace of Count Vorontsov - one of the most famous and unusual monuments of architecture of Crimea

Copper rider Free 3D tour

The first monument in Saint Petersburg, established in honor of the city's founder Peter the Great

Summer garden Free 3D tour

The ensemble of the Summer garden and Palace is the earliest in Saint Petersburg, made in the Dutch Baroque style. It was laid by decree of Peter I in 1704, who took a personal part in the design of the Park.


Creating each virtual tour is a lot of hard work. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the creation of this project: creatives - who came up with and continue to come up with; guides-who select topics, texts, photos, etc; photographers who spend several days or even weeks catching the right moment to shoot a panorama; translators-who know foreign languages perfectly; programmers-who write program codes day and night; proofreaders-text proofreaders; announcers - whose voices you hear; sound engineers and sound producers; mounting; drivers; administrators - who organize us; accountants-who keep us from going broke; the benefactors - who made all this possible. The average cost of creating a virtual tour is 5-6 thousand dollars. If you like our work, you can become a member of the project by sending any amount using the payment form

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KiTravelClub - panoramic travel service.

Our goal is To provide an opportunity for millions of people on the planet to see the sights of our country.


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